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CHEMICAL EARTHING PRODUCTS - Maintenance Free Chemical Filled Earthing System,GI And COPPER Pipe in Pipe ro Pipe in strip,Pipe in Rod Technology.
Super Power Earthing is one of the leading company's engaged in manufacturing and supplying of maintenance free Chemical Earthing System in India. The company's plants and offices situated at Delhi, Noida and Uttrakhand and equipped with state-of-the art facilities and infrastructure. Our Chemical Earthing Products not only conforms to international standards but also priced reasonably. They are also certified by some of the national and International certification body like UL, CPRI, ROHS, CE, ISI, etc, Super power EARTHING has high manufacturing standards and the name is trusted for its superior product quality. Super Power Eathing has a long list of satisfied customers in every segments of the industry with some of the most reputed projects of national level and successfully serving to industries like telecom, petroleum, chemical, mines, electrical, aviation, wind, power etc.

WHAT IS EARTHING? "Earthing" may be descibed as a system of electrical connection to the general mss off Earth. The characteristic primarily determin ing the effectiveness of an Earth electrod is the resistance.

Which it provides between the Earthing system and the gemeral mass of Earth.Ground improving material is a back fill compound that is added in soil around the Earth Electrode Within the sphere of influence of the Electrode to increase the effectiveness’ of the earthing system .The compound being hygroscopic in nature it maintains the moisture level the during seasonal imbalances The compound is also very conductive hence eliminates the use of salt and charcoal and maintain the conductive nature of soil and the compound is also very swelling in nature thus it eliminates air pockets in the soil and increases the contact area with the Electrode.This SUPER POWER Earthing System Works in Bast folds.These types of earth pit are generally filled with alternate layer of charcoal & salt or earth reactivation compound .

PURPOSE OF EARTHING, The Earthing of an electrical installation, hos twe purpoes:To provide protection for persons or animals against the danger of electric shock.To Maintain the proper function of the electrical System.

Super Power Earthing always takes a holistic approach to all the aspects that requires in delivering a world class earthing product to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers with cutting edge solution. = Super Power Earthing the chemical earthing manufacturer in india is the one stop solution provider for all types of chemical earthing solutions needs and selection of it gives the user highly reliable, quality earthing material, superior design, maintenance free earthing system that is build and designed to offer an alternate path for the fault current to flow and project the life of the user and equipment under fault condition. Our electrical earthing system provides least electrical resistance, good corrosion resistance and ability of dissipating high fault current. Our variant of Maintenance Free Chemical Grounding are as follows:

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Earthing in electrical network – purpose, methods and measurement,

The main reason for doing earthing in electrical network is for the safety. When all metallic parts in electrical equipments are grounded then if the insulation inside the equipments fails there are no dangerous voltages present in the equipment case. If the live wire touches the grounded case then the circuit is effectively shorted and fuse will immediately blow. When the fuse is blown then the dangerous voltages are away .

Purpose of Earthing.

1. Safety for Human life / Building /Equipment

To save human life from danger of electrical shock or death by blowing a fuse i.e. To provide an alternative path for the fault current to flow so that it will not endanger the user.

To protect buildings, machinery & appliances under fault conditions. To ensure that all exposed conductive parts do not reach a dangerous potential. To provide safe path to dissipate lightning and short circuit currents. To provide stable platform for operation of sensitive electronic equip ments i.e. To maintain the voltage at any part of an electrical system at a known value so as to prevent over current or excessive voltage on the appliances or equipment .

Length of Pipe Electrode and Earthing Pit=The resistance to earth of a pipe electrode reduces rapidly within the first few feet from ground (mostly 2 to 3 meter) but after that soil resistivity is mostly uniform. After about 4 meter depth, there is no appreciable change in resistance to earth of the electrode.

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Impeccaility is our middle name

Super power Earthing

Offers faultless andd impeccable serives for thi fulfillment of comtomers ,needds and services.Right from acquirement of row material to their processing to manufactring to their finshing everything is accomplished in a meticulous. way These services are dellivered by the dint of hard -work of companys professionals who are ever ready to serve every need of cumstomers.For any kind of product-related or service-related service,the staff and workforce of SUPER POWER EARTHING ever ready

Over voltage protection

Lightning, line surges or unintentional contact with higher voltage lines can cause dangerously high voltages to the electrical distribution system. Earthing provides an alternative path around the electrical system to minimize damages in the System1. Soil Resistivity=It is the resistance of soil to the passage of electric current. The earth resistance value (ohmic value) of an earth pit depends on soil resistivity. It is the resistance of the soil to the passage of electric current.

Voltage stabilization

.There are many sources of electricity. Every transformer can be considered a separate source. If there were not a common reference point for all these voltage sources it would be extremely difficult to calculate their relationships to each other.2. Soil Condition= Different soil conditions give different soil resistivity. Most of the soils are very poor conductors of electricity when they are completely dry. Soil resistivity is measured in ohm-meters or ohm-cm.

Treatments to for minimizing Earth resistance

Remove Oxidation on joints and joints should be tightened.Poured sufficient water in earth electrode.Used bigger size of Earth Electroddde.Electrodes should be connected in parallel.Earth pit of more depth & width- breadth should be made.6. Physical Composition= Different soil composition gives different average resistivity. Based on the type of soil.


A Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing Electrode A Complete Earthing Solution For NO More Shock.

  • Earthing System =An earthing system in any kind, of electricity system ascsrtains the electricol potential of the conductors which are relative to those elements of conductive surface of the earth.

    Chemical Earthing Electrode

    GI And Copper Earthing Eletcrode 65mm,80mm,Oter Pipe Dia 2Meter Aand 3Meter.

  •  Earthing is used in device such as electromagnetic interference filters.

    Chemical Earthing Eletcrode

    GI And Copper Earthing Eletcrode 40mm,50mm,Oter Pipe Dia 2Meter Aand 3Meter.

  • Advantage= A Low electrical resistance to the Earth, As well as corrosion .

    E.S.E Lighting Arrester

    Specializesd in Lighting Arrester foren and india. A Lighting Buliding seve and Safety Needs product.Lighting Arrester.

  • BENEFITS== Effective dissipation of ligting,fault and other short circuit current.

    Chemical Earthing Electrode

    GI And Copper Earthing Eletcrode 32mm,40mm,Inner Pipe Dia 2Meter Aand 3Meter.

      chemical earthing
  • We are the leading supplier of E.S.E Lighting Arrester in and offer our clientts a high performing array of these Lighting Arresting.

    E.S.E Lighting Arrester

    We have become as noted trader of E.S.E Lighting Arrester.

  • Poured sufficient water in earth electrode.

Used bigger size of Earth Electrode.

Electrodes should be connected in parallel.

Earth pit of more depth & width- breadth should be made.

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    Earthing Chemical B.F.C

    Analysis=Sio2,Al2O3,Fe2o3,CaO,C,Cu.Girenaet.In Weater Propertions My Differ.

EARTHING Electrode

SUPER POWER EARTHING is India’s number one of the most trusted manufacturer of Chemical Ear thing ,Electrode GI And Copper and Ground Improving Material (back fill compound-BFC) The property of GMC (Ground Improving Material)Largely depends upon quality of water used .Many Similar Products This trustworthy company is promise to meet success and perfection at whatever it manufacturesproduct that strictly meet with the quality standards.
Gi Or Copper Earthing Electrode

A organization established with the aim to offer best quality electrical safety products for almost every industry segment. We are industrializing world class Grounding System & Copper Clad Steel Conductors, Lightning Protection System, Surge Protection Devices, Exothermic Welding System and Gel Based Cable Jointing Kit from designing till installation. Our comprehensive range of solution meets the need of today's residential, commercial and industrial electrical safety with utmost quality.Our business policy is focused on the safety of human, equipment and the environment. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the electrical safety arena, we continuously innovate and upgrade our product range aimed at meeting the varied application needs of our customers.
EARTHING Electrode Gronding System

Super power Earthing is a very known and reliable name for its customers, when it comes to premium and customized products, apart from its standard products and solutions. We always take a holistic approach to all the aspects that requires in delivering an excellent product. Super Power Earthing firmly believes in upgrading it, hence keeps an eye on the market and further analyze it in order to create the most innovative solutions for its customers.Being one of the leading manufacturers, Super Power Earthing, has multiple manufacturing units, production lines situated in Delhi NCR equipped with state of the art facilities and infrastructures.Our every product is independently tested and backed by finest engineering and technical support in the industry with own in-house testing facilities.


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